Why We’re Different

We’re Your Independent Financial Partner

¨FIN DEL MUNDO¨Because we’re fully independent, we are your trusted ally as you face the many external forces that threaten your financial stability.

Uintah Consulting is dedicated to providing integrated wealth planning and financial solutions for individuals and families. We collaborate with your other advisors and provide and oversee financial services to ensure every one of your unique needs are met.

We are not “assigned” to our clients as is the case at large financial institutions. We believe in building relationships with our select clients so we may better understand the intricacy of your financial needs and strategy.

With significant experience in wealth management, we are intimately familiar with the spectrum of available financial products and services. Because of this, we have the unique ability to align your needs accordingly, and to do so in a cost efficient manner.

With an allegiance focused solely on you, Uintah Consulting will collaborate and work with your attorneys, accountants and investment firms to bridge the financial gap inherent in having several different advisors. Because Uintah Consulting is independent, there are no policies, regulations, procedures, or sales goals that drive the services and recommendations we provide. The considerations we present are truly product-neutral.

“At Uintah Consulting, we take the time to get to know our clients well and work with them closely. For this reason, we maintain an exclusive portfolio of individuals and families, allowing us to spend the time necessary to gain an intimate understanding of their financial objectives, priorities and wishes and work with them in the context of their needs, concerns, financial situation, family dynamics, etc. We truly aspire to create peace of mind for our clients.”
- Founder Mariana L. Mavor, CFP®