Why Uintah on Your Wealth Management Team?

An Experienced Advisor that Looks Out for Your Best Interest


1_originales_125Our clients regularly share stories about financial concerns that keep them up at night. That’s because with growing wealth comes the growing responsibility of being a prudent custodian of it. This means having a thoroughly diversified investment portfolio supported by a well documented and often times sophisticated and intricate estate plan. However, this is not enough. As important — and a far greater challenge — is the actual implementation, integration and ongoing management of such a plan.

This can easily become a full-time job, depending on the size and complexity of your estate. Hiring an attorney to handle the day-to-day management is an expensive proposition, yet doing it yourself may seem logistically impractical and can counter the notion that the planning was meant to make your life easier and give you peace of mind. 

Even if you have the time to manage your financial portfolio and estate plan on your own, it is a challenge to understand all the moving parts, much less manage them on a day-to-day basis. Worse still, a less-than-thorough job could introduce defects to your financial and planning structures as well as make you vulnerable to IRS audits.

With Uintah Consulting, you will have an experienced, independent financial consultant by your side. We understand complex financial portfolios and have extensive knowledge of the estate and financial planning process. In a collaborative and integrative way, we will provide the highest level of expertise, direction, supervision, and financial management while objectively helping you navigate advice from attorneys, accountants, and investment advisors. Having a second, highly experienced, pair of eyes to oversee this process — and to integrate these services — will help you attain the much needed financial peace of mind you seek.